Top 5 Self Help Books to Help Change Your Life

Whether or not one appreciates the genre, the self help sector is booming. Indeed, by no means a new fad, some of the books have been around for many decades. What’s more, the genre has seen a massive influx of attention in recent years. Thusly, it is now much more common and acceptable to utilize tips from professionals to help changes one’s own thinking and/or circumstances. That being said, not all self-help books were created equal. Please review the following awesome recommendations.

Feel the Fear…and Do It Anyway Written by Susan Jeffers, this book is perfect for anyone who may feel crippled by fear. Chock full of techniques designed to help anyone break through feelings of fear and discomfort, this book helps readers to live an overall more satisfying life.

The Four Agreements Penned by the world renowned author and speaker Don Miguel Ruiz, this book covers ancient Toltec wisdom. An impressive body of work, this book discusses the many limiting beliefs that prevent our happiness, how we come to trust said beliefs, as well as how to rid our psyches of this detrimental way of thinking for good.

The Attention Revolution: Unlocking the Power of the Focused Mind- For anyone who is having trouble getting things done due to lack of focus, this is the perfect book to address that issue. Written by Alan Wallace, this book covers various states of mind that can help improve focus, as well as how to channel said focus into the things that are deemed the most important.

Thinking, Fast and Slow Written by Novel prize winner Daniel Kahneman, this book covers how human thinking is divided into two systems: fast and slow, as well as how psychology affects our overall decision making. Ultimately leaving readers with a better sense of how to utilize each respective system.

An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth: What Going to Space Taught Me About Ingenuity, Determination and Being Prepared for Anything- Written by one of the most accomplished astronauts of our time, Chris Hadfield gives down-to-Earth tips about facing life’s ups and downs this cleverly spaced-out narrative. Rather than dreading the unexpected turmoil that sometimes occurs in life, Hadfield encourages the world to embrace everything that comes, with a smile.

Overall, this list is clearly not exhaustive. There are tons of self help books on the market to address everything from how to cope with mental health issues, to how to start a business. No matter what type of help one needs, the bottom line is that even the best resource will only work if you are ready to help yourself.

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Take Control: Books For Believing In Yourself

The self-help profession is full of a myriad of various books, instructional DVDs, and more that are aimed at helping you be a better you. But how do you know which of these approaches will be most effective for you? Rather than watch entire DVD series or read through entire books, sometimes it can be best to simply read a summary of some of the top works in a particular sub-genre of self-help. In this article, we will review three of the top self-help books regarding Self Esteem and how to further develop it.

book1Self Esteem Bible

Written by the United Kingdom’s top confidence expert, Gael Lindenfield, this book is written into 365 different pieces of advice regarding your self esteem. Developed in a far more digestible manner (read a piece of advice to start each day or cover multiple entries in one setting), this wonderfully helpful book covers a variety of topics where self esteem issues can differ, including work, relationships, social outings and more.

Whether you need an occasional confidence boost or plan to follow this daily as a self esteem developing program/guide, Lindenfield’s work sheds light on positive, achievable opportunities for successes, both small and large.

book2The Six Pillars Of Self Esteem

Penned by Nathaniel Branden, considered by many to be the preeminent authority of self esteem as a psychological study, this book is vast in its expansive review of self esteem, including its roots and causes for development (and developmental issues), as well as actively providing a six step (the six pillars noted in the title) action place to actively work to improve self esteem. Branden focuses most specifically on the application of self esteem development (and trigger issues) within five major areas: workplace, parenting, education, psychotherapy and culture.

Branden’s book is far more technical in nature and relies heavily on his background within the field of psychology (both from his own research standpoint and previous works developed before him). Seen as the definitive study on self esteem as a personal science, this is a great read for individuals interested in more fully understanding esteem as a whole. With tips ranging from buying elevator shoes to increase your height to wearing new styles of clothes to improve your appearance, this book has everything you’re looking for if you need a confidence boost.

book3How To Build Self Esteem And Be Confident

Taking a somewhat different approach than Nathaniel Branden’s highly scientific exploration into self esteem and the catalysts which stifle it, Maddy Malhotra investigates a byproduct of poor self esteem: the goals and actions we want to achieve but either failed at or never pursued. Malhotra explores the connection between the beliefs we hold for ourselves and how those beliefs create a self-fulfilling prophecy when it comes to our outcomes (or the non-action taken toward a desired outcome due to a lack of confidence in ourselves). Through this innovative and incredibly positive book, Malhotra articulates effective ways we can learn from our past experiences, re-identify our perceptions of ourselves and develop more positive outcomes through increased confidence which can reinforce a healthier self esteem.

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4 High School Study Books To Help Your Child Graduate

Most high school students have their favorite subjects as well as subjects they find challenging. Fortunately, there are many books available online that can help high school students to improve their performance in all subjects. Take a look at four books that can be of tremendous value to high school students on their way to graduation.

  1. Study Skills for High School Students by Carol Carter. This book helps students in a variety of areas. For instance, students can determine their particular learning style. Once a student knows this information, he or she is able to study in a more efficient way. The book also offers tips on how to prepare for a test, how to focus during a test, how to take useful notes in class and how to be an active reader. A high school student who is looking for a study book with practical tips and information will likely find this one to be very useful
  2. Getting to A+: Breakthrough Study Skills for High School Students by Kirsten Curtis and Marcus Dallas. High school students who want to improve their overall performance in their classes will find this book helpful. Its chapters are full of tips such as how to write essays that impress the teacher, how to memorize critical facts for a test and even where to sit in a classroom to get the most out of each lesson. The book contains simple, easy to understand information that high school students can start using right away.
  3. The Secrets of Top Students: Tips, Tools and Techniques for Acing High School and College by Stefanie Weisman. This book uses a conversational tone to convey important tips to high schools students including how to handle time-management issues, how to stay motivated about assignments and how to approach a particular type of test. Also, the author offers students suggestions on how to use apps and other online resources to their advantage when studying for a test. Students who read this book will likely discover several simple study methods that produce great results.
  4. SOAR Study Skills by Susan Kruger. The acronym in the title of this book stands for: set goals, organize, ask questions and record your progress. These are the straightforward steps that the author uses to help high school students improve the way that they study. The book’s purpose is to show students who to study in an effective and an efficient way. Also, it provides various sample questions that can help students to identify their strengths and use them in high school as well as after graduation.

If you’re child is attending high school and struggling to perform at the top of their capabilities, you may want to consider other educational options. For example, you could consider trying an online high school or even homeschooling. Earning a high school diploma online is just as good as getting one from a traditional school and it can be done in much less time. For some students, this is the best path to getting the best education available.

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My Favorite Health Books

It is no secret that it taking care of our health now can allow us to live longer lives later. However, it can be hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The key to keeping on track for a healthy lifestyle is motivation. Health books are a great source of motivation because they show us why and how to keep on track. If you ever need a dose of ambition, the book gives it to you right there. Here are some great health books to check out:

book1 Nutritional & Physical Degeneration 

This book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston Price, talks about how eating a bad diet harms your health on a physical level and offers better solutions. Dr. Price is a dentist himself and uses real life examples to reiterate his point. Furthermore, his claims are backed up by anthropologists and nutritionists who have studied their respected fields for decades. Not only does this book talk about good lifestyle habits but actually making good food choices and explaining why which is hard to find in a good health supplement book.


book2Limitless Energy

The book Health: Limitless Energy 10 Simple Daily Habits to Naturally Boost Energy is great for the fact that it gives simple ways for someone to start a change in their lifestyle. Most of the time, people find it hard to change their unhealthy lifestyles because there is so much to change. That amount of change can be intimidating and hard. It takes steps and time to build towards a larger change. This book gives good tips and plans for one to embark on that journey.


book3Clean Food Diet

Food is one of the main parts to a healthy lifestyle. The book Clean Food Diet talks about how to transition into a healthier food diet so that you can achieve a healthier lifestyle. You can still enjoy good food while being healthy. Substituting eating out with some of these recipes will help to make your life overall cleaner and healthier. Another hard part to becoming healthy is not having good food options. Many times, people find the food that they had before their change is more delicious and crave it, so they fall back into bad habits. Having more options on yummy, healthy food helps you to make better choices that you will feel less guilty about and that are much better for you.

Health books help you to achieve a better you. The only person who can make the change is you but the books help to give support, guidance, and tips to make that transition easier. All these books are great for anyone trying to make a change.

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Getting in Shape with the Help of Health Books

happynessHealth consciousness is essential for a great quality life. Health books provide a reliable source of information for people who are concerned with their physique. Books that are based on personal experience or scientific research can give the reader insight in regards to their weight and health goals. Some health books are more influential than others. Here are three great reads that can help anyone with weight concerns get or maintain their body shape.

The Wheatgrass Book by Ann Wigmore

Ann Wigmore provides background information on the benefits and uses of wheatgrass in this book. There are also instructions on how to grow wheatgrass at home and juice it for consumption. The use of wheatgrass ties into weight control because of its all-purpose qualities. It is often referred to as the source of life because of the amount of chlorophyll it contains compared to other greens. It balances out hormones, including the ones that control body weight. Knowing how to consume it is crucial. That is what this book is about.

Hardwiring Happiness by Dr. Rick Hanson Ph.D.

Hardwiring Happiness displays the psychological aspect of weight loss, weight gain and appetite. The mind has a lot to do with a person’s behavior and diet habits. It’s an awareness book that informs the reader about the psyche and the neurological part of maintaining a healthy body weight. It is a valuable read for consumers who want to know background information on adapting new diet practices and sticking to them.

Kratom: Everything You Need To Know To Harness The Power of This Potent Plant

Kratom is a plant product that is growing in popularity among people all over the world due to its different effects. Depending on the type of Kratom you take, you can expect to experience either a stimulating or sedating effect. That said, chewing Kratom leaves has been shown to improve blood flow among your circulatory system. This book will teach you how to add Kratom to your supplement regimen effectively.

Getting into and staying in shape can be challenging. Reading books that are dedicated to body health can be a tool of guidance for consumers who are serious about weight control. Each of the three books provide nonconventional solutions, suggestions and valuable information on body health and overall wellness. It’s important to put the ideas in each book to practice. Knowledge means nothing if there is no action that puts it to good use. Health starts with knowledge.

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